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Maya aka Icchadhari

Maya is beautiful in a wild way, with Gypsy hair and Gypsy clothes, light eyes and tattoos.Maya is striking and somewhat dangerously pretty. Maya can only be human post sunset and return to creature-hood at the first ray of the sun. But her powers seem to be growing with each Full Moon and her ‘human hours’ become longer. Maya meets Manu just after dark every dayhiding from the village and Manu’s parents. She is in awe of Manu and emulates her as she is new to the human form. Manu talks a lot about Maadhav but won’t let Maya meet him as she had to be kept a secret.But when Maadhav discovers Maya with Manu,the seeds of jealously are sown in Maya’s heart and she kills Manu to win the love of this young Prince, Maadhav, who would also lead her to the Nagmani.