Starting this weekend &TV HD promises to make weekends even more entertaining by launching two brand new shows – ‘The Place to Eat’ & ‘Shukriya’. - Latest Press Release related to &TVUK (AndTVUK) shows, serials, celebrities and events at
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Starting this weekend &TV HD promises to make weekends even more entertaining by launching two brand new shows – ‘The Place to Eat’ & ‘Shukriya’.

Zee Network Europe, unveils yet another local show on its promising Brand New Asian Entertainment channel &TV, which is proving to be dominant in South Asian television in the UK. &TV Viewers now have a one stop solution to authentic restaurant reviews with our new interactive show - ‘The Place to Eat ‘. London is every food lovers paradise and finding the place to eat is often a task, so, &TV brings you the perfect show to help you make that decision a little bit easier and faster. The show promises to offer its viewers tips on where to eat and recipes of top dishes at some of London’s finest restaurants.

Starting this Sunday 7.30 pm, viewers will get reviews straight from the foodies as one restaurant gets reviewed every week. The show also promises to provide cooking tips and recipes of most loved dishes by the diners. ‘The Place to Eat’ hosted by talented and peppy Hajra, will review all eating joints ranging from Southhall, food festivals to high end Michelin star restaurants. Watch Hajra explore every aspect of dining as she chats with the diners on their favourite dishes and enters the kitchen as the chef whips up those dishes.
Tune in to &TV HD for an unmatchable viewing experience FREE on Sky 795!

‘Shukriya’ is a novel reality concept with an emotional twist of saying a small Shukriya and making a big difference. Today’s fast-paced life is full of chaos, and amidst this hustle and bustle, we tend to forget to appreciate people who have been there for us or have touched our lives in a special way. We tend to take people for granted. ‘Shukriya’ is a beautiful, heart-warming concept where people are given the opportunity to say thank you to their loved ones by organizing an overwhelming surprise beyond that person’s expectations.

A unique reality show, ‘Shukriya’ where each episode promises to be an emotional and exciting journey and ‘Shukriya’ will redefine the meaning of ‘Shukriya’, as it may mean the world to someone. This is a show that will give real people a platform to exhibit their real emotions & in turn give those they want to thank, a memory that will last them a lifetime. Shukriya is a simple, perhaps even a little underrated...yet a word that has the power to evoke a million positive emotions. It is a word that can bind people in a happy way & we feel that "Shukriya" should become a way of life.

Hosted by the suave and stylish Gunjan Utreja, ‘Shukriya’ promises to be a complete entertainer, with every episode dedicated to one story which will be an emotional and exciting journey of how one ‘Shukriya’ can mean the world to someone and spread so much happiness.
Starting 5th December- Every Saturday- 7.30pm on &TV, available for Free on Sky 795, Virgin Media 811